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We are always looking for partners to join us and help deserving Canadian families find a home. Whether you provide financial backing, realtor services or advice on how to repair credit, you’ll be changing lives. The returns are shared monthly and the reward is another financially educated homeowner.

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And create the opportunity for more people in Alberta to become homeowners! We provide another option for citizens that have struggled to keep a good credit, and community members that just haven’t had the best luck. Some future homeowners with Spitily may be self-employed, passionate about finance or simply grew up in a family that wasn’t financially stable. You have the chance to change that, and turn their life around!


Referrals can be tough to come by as a realtor, and becoming a dream supporter delivers them to you on a golden platter. Our clients will always need a realtor, and your collaboration with other mortgage brokers and investors can create future opportunities. Not to mention any current clients you may have who use our service will be directed back to you at the time of purchase. You can earn commission of clients who you would traditionally turn away . The homes may already be selected for you, but the potential to create memories for more Canadians is completely under your control.


Partner with us, and support the dream of future homeowners by providing your expertise. Each client is verified and credit-checked, just waiting to spend the next 3 years ready to begin a mortgage payment. While paying rent to us, you keep them on track, build relationships and get ready for when they need a mortgage in 3 years Our 4-month updates allow you to really understand the home buyer and what they’re looking for in a mortgage. You can discover their hopes and dreams and find a way to really make them come true. No experience with Rent-to-Owns? Refer us a client and we will manage the entire process while you an upfront commission.


Finding clients to joint a credit repair program can be a challenge, unless you have a partner that can feed you the opportunities. Our clientele is ready to repair their credit and start living an average financial life…and they’ll need your help! Have clients graduating your Credit Repair Program? Are they seeking homeownership? Why not refer them to our service. You earn upfront commission and your client will be in good hands, working toward their homeownership goals.


This is an opportunity to help a deserving family own a home while earning a profit. Add to your portfolio and really expand your horizons for the future…investing into Spitily is a huge opportunity for diversity and to earn passive income secured to a Real Asset and motivated Tenant Buyer.

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Embrace your ability to make dreams come true and become a partner with Spitily. We are ready to make your business grow and give returns, because our focus is on the client and their life goals. They may not have had opportunities earlier in life, but this is their one change to really reset and build a better life under a new roof!

Our team is available to schedule a call, meeting or presentation to your team when you’re ready to jump in. Fill in the form below to share your passion for creating future homeowners, and we can’t wait to have you as an official dream supporter of Spitily!

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